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Divine Intervention – A New Book by Patricia Milner

I just finished editing a book for Patricia Milner, a medium in Cyprus who shares her story about growing up psychic since birth. It’s a wonderful read and will be published sometime this month (November 2008). You can find information about it’s release soon at The publisher was nice enough to offer an endorsement […]

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Lifestyles of the Healthy and Famous

Testimonial from Author Donna Gould

Testimonial from Fr. Joseph Sica

Eulogy For My Best Friend – Grace Halloran

Grace Halloran (my dearest friend) made her transition in May of 2005.  I was devastated.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to live my life without her  – her wonderful voice only a phone call away, her smile that would light up a room in seconds, and her warm heart that could […]

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