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Back Cover Copy – Divine Intervention

This is the back cover copy that I wrote for Patricia Milner’s new book: Divine Intervention She could remember every detail. Every line, every flaw, every feature was burned into her memory forever. Whether it was the intricate design of the crochet blanket in the back of the rapist’s truck, or the smile on her […]

Back Cover Copy for Author Rev. Cherise Thorne

This is the Back Cover Copy that I wrote for Rev Cherise Thorne for her book: Knowing Spirit Through Healing Your Soul. “If we ever had any doubt about our connection to Source and to each other, this book will show us the loving and logical steps to that awareness and to higher consciousness: day […]

Back Cover Copy for Author Stephanie Wincik

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in time travel, the Civil War, mystery, and suspense. The imagery is vivid, the characters are engaging, and the story moves quickly to an ending of surprise with just a dash of destiny thrown in.

New Testimonial from Author Stephanie Wincik – Back Cover Copy

Besides your book’s Cover, the Back Cover Copy is the most important part for marketing your book. It’s the reason that someone decides to buy it.

It is compelling enough? Does it give enough information without giving the story away? Does it peek interest? Does the customer have that “gotta have it” mindset when he’s holding your product or viewing it online?

Asked To Endorse Her Book

Yvonne Perry asked me to write a quote for the cover of her latest book.  More Than Meets the Eye – True Stories of Death, Dying & the Afterlife – After reading her manuscript, here’s my endorsement:: “A delightful exploration into the unknown by an author who openly shares her soul. If you have any […]

Author Requested A Quote For Her Book Cover

Janet Amare was a guest on my radio show Windows to Wellness Following is the endorsement that I wrote for the back cover of her book. “Finally, a book which not only helps you discover your passion, but shows you how to attract those moments of joy every day of your life. I was blown […]