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About Me

For 10 years, my dominant focus has been healing, self-help and empowerment. I’ve interviewed hundreds of healers and holistic practitioners on my radio show.

Now, I’m finally combining my web design and blogging skills to help you (and others in the holistic community) gain presence and attract targeted customers through online marketing.

I know who you are. I understand how you feel about promoting yourself. I realize your budget is sometimes limited. You want to get your message out there. You want to help heal the planet. You want to have a steady stream of clients. Your main goal is to help and support others with your work, however, you need to be supported in the process.

If you are looking for massive internet exposure, and help from someone who understands how you think, how you feel and your dominant vibration, then I’m your person.

Click on the tabs (above) to check out rates for each service.

It’s no accident that you found this site – as you well know.

I look forward to our first encounter, our training sessions, your enthusiasm when you see your new site, our evolving relationship and many joy filled days to come.